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Mike and his new Funner (He built it himself!) belt-drive single speed 29er mountain bike.  

Hi, my name is Mike Wanner. My family and I, have been in the bicycle industry for over a decade, and are the proud owners of All Around Bikes in Sequim, WA. With our extensive cycling knowledge and ability to test every product we sell, you can be rest assured that everything you purchase here is of the highest quality standards. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

About ten years ago, my wife wanted to start exercising and decided to get a bike. Consequently, I had to get one too. We started riding around town, and finally joined the local bike club – Olympic Peninsula Bicyclists. Our very first organized ride was, Chilly Hilly, which took place near Bainbridge Island. Being February, it was definitely chilly and very hilly! This happened to be my idea and by the time we were done, divorce was almost hers. Fortunately we didn’t split up and from then on, we were addicted. Little did we know that cycling would become a major part of our lives.

I started working as a mechanic in a small bike shop, and my passion for cycling took me in all different directions. I got hooked on my first bike which had big, fat, knobby tires. After a while, I decided that the mountain bike was too slow and sluggish – I needed more speed! My next bike purchase, was a skinny tire road bike that was much faster and nimble. From there, road racing became the main focus of my life for the next three years. Wow, what a great time I had traveling around the state racing with the Pettit Oil Cycling Team!

Life started to become more demanding as our daughter got older, and I quit the bike shop for a better paying job to support my family. But over the years, I just couldn’t stay away from bikes or bike shops, so we decided to start our own business. I love what cycling represents to me – it’s an excellent way to get exercise and stay fit, it provides clean, cost effective green transportation, it’s quite enjoyable, and I get to meet many wonderful people along the way!